Monday, January 22, 2007

Web 101: Link, don’t quote

What is it with Bloggers who don’t use URLs?  Chris H. quotes Jamal who quotes Vaugh who quotes Martin Belam who quotes Erica Sadun.  Each blog more obscure than the one before, this one the least trafficked of them all!  If any one of them had just pointed to TUAW rather than quoting out of context, readers would have been better served, and the subsequent blog discussions could have been informed rather than inflammatory.  I quickly tallied the first 62 comments and got an enlightened to jerk ratio of five to seven.  (Actually it was 25:35, I must have miscounted twice.)  For an open fanboy forum on a rather specialized topic, I don’t think this is a bad showing, even if several of the early comments are especially cringeworthy.