Monday, January 22, 2007

Web 101: Link, don’t quote

What is it with Bloggers who don’t use URLs?  Chris H. quotes Jamal who quotes Vaugh who quotes Martin Belam who quotes Erica Sadun.  Each blog more obscure than the one before, this one the least trafficked of them all!  If any one of them had just pointed to TUAW rather than quoting out of context, readers would have been better served, and the subsequent blog discussions could have been informed rather than inflammatory.  I quickly tallied the first 62 comments and got an enlightened to jerk ratio of five to seven.  (Actually it was 25:35, I must have miscounted twice.)  For an open fanboy forum on a rather specialized topic, I don’t think this is a bad showing, even if several of the early comments are especially cringeworthy.


Chairman Mal said...

Howdy Access curmudgeon!
Your comment is well taken. I will explore your suggestion concerning the wisdom of continuing on the JAWS/Windows treadmill or adding a different access solution. Your inference that I use the computer as mostly a recreational vehicle is false. I use it in my research concerning Science, Technology and society at UT-Austin, and I manage my investments (equities market, precious metals and financial instruments.) This has been greatly hampered because I was able to use Zoom text and the mouse until recently. That’s no longer an option because of end stage RP. I asked the Comrade Mother if we are rich, and she vehemently denies that label. She says we are “comfortable.” Regards, Chairman Mal: Power to the Peeps!

Chairman Mal said...

What do you make of the dust-up between NFB suing the State of Texas over inaccessible Oracle software? The sad thing is that before the Texas Commission for the Blind was subsumed into a vast umbrella agency, blind State workers could access everything, although some forms were pretty difficult. I know some inside stuff about what led up to the lawsuit, but I am hampered by my cursed journalistic ethics from revealing it right now. Onward through the fog! Regards, Chairman Mal: Power to the Peeps!

Access Curmudgeon said...

Chairman Mal’s first post here is in response to my suggestion he consider Orca rather a Jaws upgrade.

I wrote Mal off list that I know nothing about Texas verus Oracle.  He has since blogged about that.