Saturday, April 07, 2007

Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Demorez!  Is life?  No.  Demorez. We finally signed up for NetFlix.  I am not sure why we have been resisting.  Our first choice, Borat, took me aback:  I could not believe NetFlix used backup discs!  Is that legal?  Cheap ones too.  The only that made me suspicious is that the text appeared to be hand written.  Surely NetFlix would use machine labeling, and the text was quite neat, so maybe it was just an informal font?  But the “R” in BORAT was backwards, a trick that would certainly give me pause.&nbsb; And the disc read “widescreen” but how would that be a feature of a blank?  Unless that was meant to imply high quality from a brand, Demorez, that I had never heard from?  Their slogan was lame:  “Is Life? No. Demorez.”

So I am too naive.  The write up on the disk sleeve held the explaination:
Note: This is the actual studio-released DVD, not a DVD-R.

Good movie to rent.  Not as funny as I was expecting.  And I already knew Americans were that ugly.  Plus, no way do I need to see the naked fat man wrestling again.

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